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Girls NCAA Ceritified Basketball Tournament

JULY 2012 - Dallas, Texas

REFUND POLICY: After tournament schedules are in place, no refunds are issued.

Any player that is ejected or removed from a game will be suspended for the rest of the tournament.

Hey Coaches,
Just a couple of things we will need from you and your team (teams) if you
plan on playing in the "GIRLS OF SUMMER SHOWCASE" July 2012.

1. You will need to register with (BOTH) the NCAA Website and the GIRLS OF


Girls Of Summer Showcase

2.  Payment,  we will need your teams payment A.S.A.P. to be added to the
brackets. If you are paying with cash, we need a credit card to hold your
teams spot. No team will be added to the brackets until we have their payment and team roster.



If you plan on your Team playing in the "GIRLS OF SUMMER SHOWCASE" there are several requirements that have to be address.
The first two have to do with the NCAA.
Please read the information below and make sure you complete the NCAA requirements as soon as possible.  Your team's participation in the "GIRLS OF SUMMER SHOWCASE" depends on it.

Effective immediately all individuals who engage in coaching activities at an NCAA certified event must be approved prior to participation through the NCAA Coaches? Approval Program administered by LexisNexis. The coaches? approval process involves an application, verification of criminal background, authorization for release of
information and completion of an educational component. The process will be available on the NCAA basketball certification Web site beginning March 1 and can be completed entirely online. An approval is valid for the year in which it was granted and the year following. This process will cost you approximately $40 to complete and results will be completed in approximately 3 to 7 business days.

ALL coaches and bench personnel must complete the online NCAA Coaches Approval Program in order to sit on their team's bench at a NCAA certified tournament (including the 2011 Premier Basketball Report Super 64). This must be done by June 21, 2011.
Click here to complete the NCAA Coaches Approval Program.

Coaches MUST print out your certification number and present it at team check in.  Coaches will also be required to show a drivers liscense to prove your identity. 

All teams participating at an NCAA certified event must register that team online with the NCAA prior to participating in that event. Coaches are expected to keep their online rosters updated. The same address and telephone number cannot be utilized for multiple athletes. Failure to register or to submit all required information will result in the team being denied participation in all NCAA certified events.



Players age is based on Date Of Brith as of September 1, 2011

REFUND POLICY: After tournament schedules are in place, no refunds are issued.

All individuals who engage in coaching activities at an NCAA-certified event must be approved prior to participation through the NCAA Coaches' Approval Program. This include 2012 WOMEN'S SPRING EVENTS. The approval program is now available: Coaches' Approval.

  1. Each team will play a minimum of 5 games in a championship Bracket.

  2. National High School Federation rules will be followed with the few exceptions listed below.

  3. Each player will be allowed a total of six (6) fouls before being disqualified.
  4. All 13U - 18U games will be played in two (2) sixteen (16) minute halves. All 9U - 12U games will be played in two (2) fourteen (14) minute halves.

  5. Overtime periods will be two (2) minutes in length.

  6. There will be a three (3) minute rest period between halves.

  7. Teams will be allowed to call two (2) full time-outs and two (2) thirty second time-out during the regulation game.

  8. There will be a minimum of a seven (7) minute warm up period between games.

  9. Certified coaches and players are only allowed to sit on their designated team bench. Certified coaches must wear colored event wristbands designated for the Girls Of Summer Showcase. Coaches that are not in compliance with this rule will be removed from the bench by the game officials. Any complications will result in that coaches team forfeit for that game. No trainers, scorekeepers, or managers are allowed to sit on the bench unless they are certified by the NCAA.

  10. No game will begin before the time listed on the official game schedule.

  11. All teams are expected to arrive for games prior to the scheduled start times. A five minute grace period will be allowed before a forfeit is declared. If any team is knowingly unable to make their scheduled game, they must notify the Tournament Director in advance. In bracket play, if a team cannot advance, the losing team advances as if they had won the previous game.

  12. Players will be allowed to play for one team only. Once a player plays in a game for one team, she will no longer be eligible to participate for any other team in the tournament.

  13. In Bracket Play, the home team is the top team on the bracket, will wear light colored jerseys and sit to the left of the scorekeeper facing the court.

    Ricky Talkington, Ron Gathright and Craig Nelson

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